Report of Health Care, Volume (5), No (1), Year (2019-1) , Pages (54-62)

Title : ( The Effect of Physical Activity on Adipose Tissue and Skeletal Muscles: A Literature Review )

Authors: Keyvan Hejazi , Seyyed Reza Attarzadeh Hosseini , Mehrdad Fathei , Mohammad Mosaferi Ziaaldini ,

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Report of Health Care Review Article Volume 5 , Issue 1 , 2019 , p. 54 - 62 The Effect of Physical Activity on Adipose Tissue and Skeletal Muscles: A Literature Review Keyvan Hejazi 1* , Seyyed Reza Attarzadeh Hosseini 2 , Meh rdad Fathi 2 , Mohammad Mosaferi Ziaaldini 2 1. Department of Sport Sciences, Toos Institute of Higher Education, Mashhad, Iran 2. Department of Sport Sciences, Ferdowsi University, Mashhad, Iran Introduction Physical activity is one of the main factors for reinfor cing health and prevention of some diseases that can directly increase energy consumption and indirectly affect the regulation of energy intake and the cost of energy by altering the secretion of the involved hormones (1) . Most studies emphasize the usefulness of endurance training on the health development and prevention of metabolic disorders. Based on the findings, these exercises lead to many morphological and metabolic adaptations su ch as increased mitochondrial biogenesis and increased total fat oxidation capacity in skeletal muscle (2) . Also, research results indicate that resistance exercises can also lead to in numerous physiological adaptations. Therefore, the recognition of molecular cellular mechanisms caused by the response to sport training, especially weight training exercises and changes in white and brown adipose tissue, is one of the most important parts of the thermogenesis regulation, which requires more studies. Nevertheless, the positive effects of exercise on cellular and molecular mechanisms have not been well known as well (3) . Therefore, one of the most important challenges is the identification of the mechanisms of the quasi - drug effects of the exercise. One of the characteristics of exercise effects is the conversion of white adipose tissue i nto brown adipose tissue. These physiological changes mean that http://jr Abstract Introduction: The importance of changing the color of white adiposities into brown is due to the fact that it can have anti - obesity and anti - diabetic effects by adjusting energ y balance (by converting storage form into energy consumption). The purpose of this study was to investigate the e ffect of physical activity on adipose tissue and skeletal muscles. Methods: In this review, were searched online databases including Google Sc holar, SID and PubMed, Science Direct and Scopus using the following keywords: “Training”, “Exercise”, “Physical activity”, “Mayokin”, “Adipose tissue”, “Peroxisome proliferator - activated receptor gamma coacti vator 1 - alpha (PGC - 1α)”,“ Fibronectin type III domain - containing protein 5 (FNDC5)”, “Irisin” and ” Uncoupling proteins 1 (UCP - 1)”. All articles including research studies, review articles, descriptive and analytical studies, and cross - sectional research, published during 1998 - 2017, were reviewed. Results: Based on our literature review, physical exercise can be effective as an adipose tissue activated agent in the prevention and treatment of obesity. In this regard, irisin seems to be influenced by a vari ety of sports activities and is a significant factor in the conversion of white to brown adipose tissues and can play a role in weight loss and increase the body thermogenesis. Conclusion: According to these studies, the expression of irisin and FNDC5 con verts white adipose into brown adipose and increases the energy consumption. Regular exercise training on preventing obesity, diabetes and its complications, and improving health have already been proven; but the point is that these beneficial effects are due to the cellular - molecular mechanism is still under discussion. Keywords:


, Exercise, Mayokin, PGC - 1α, Irisin
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