The 8th Iranian Animal Science Congress , 2018-08-28

Title : ( Analysis of expression data of Holstein Cow mammary tissue )

Authors: naghmeh saedi , Mehdi Amin Afshar , Mahmoud Honarvar , Mehdi Chamani , Ali Javadmanesh ,

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Bovine mammary tissue is an important and complex organ in dairy cows. This organ consists of different cells which are connected to each other for the synthesis and secretion of milk. Expression data of bovine mammary tissue was explored in -30 and +30 daysfrom NCBI database. The aim of this study was to identify differentially expressed genes and their relationship with each other and with key metabolic pathways and biological processes involved in milk production. After analysis, 460 differential expression genes were significant at 1% level. The connection between these genes recognized by Cytoscape software. Moreover, significant cluster was determined at 1% level. Finally, the cluster were analyzed by DAVID software, this biological processes and metabolic pathways such as cell division, mitotic spindle assembly check point, DNA Replication initiation, Cell cycle, Condensed chromosome kinetochore, ATP binding, Chromatin binding, Translation, Ribosome were identified in differential expression genes. The result show that the nature of differential expression genes can provide understanding of cellular component and biological processes of Bovine mammary tissue. These data might help to improve marker assisted selection in breeding programs of dairy cows.


, Differential expression genes, Genes network, Metabolic pathway, Mammary tissue.
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