67th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference , 2017-10-22

Title : ( Novel binuclear Ni-based FI catalysts for polymerization of 1-hexene )

Authors: Mostafa Khoshsefat , Saeid Ahmadjo , Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Mortazavi , Gholamhossein Zohuri ,

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Three naphthoxy-imine ligands -FILn, n=1-3- were synthesized, characterized and used for the synthesis of the corresponding binuclear Ni-based catalysts -Graphic-. The structures were different in the bridge between the metallic centers. One of the important reasons to motivate us for synthesis these compounds was that the dinuclear late transition metals with an interesting behavior in polymerization can be a potentially applicable for olefin polymerization if two metal centers operate to show cooperative electronic and steric effects on catalytic reaction. The effect of ortho-substituent and position of the linkage in center ring on the catalyst productivity were investigated. To reach this goal, the experiments were performed under similar condition in presence of modified methylaluminoxane -MMAO- as cocatalyst. FIC3 showed the highest activity and produced Poly-1-hexene- with a moderate molecular weight among the catalysts, while for FIC2 and FIC1 observed insignificant activities. The high performance of the FIC3 was attributed to the electronic and steric effects due to the presence of four methyl groups on the ortho-position of the center ring.


, Late transition metals, 1-hexene, olefin polymerization, structure-property relation
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%T Novel binuclear Ni-based FI catalysts for polymerization of 1-hexene
%A مصطفی خوش صفت
%A سعید احمدجو
%A سید محمد مهدی مرتضوی
%A Zohuri, Gholamhossein
%J 67th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference
%D 2017