The 4th Conference on Protein and Peptide Sciences , 2019-05-01

Title : ( Importance of GPCR Receptors in Fungi )

Authors: behnaz bagherieh , Parissa Taheri ,

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G-protein-coupled receptors are a large group of receptors that are present in the outer surface of the membrane of cells in eukaryotes and they are deformed and activated after binding to their ligands, such as adenosine, epineuma or adrenaline. The GPCRs use two main pathways, including the cAMP and phosphatidil signaling pathways for messaging. These receptors initiate intracellular G-protein signaling to coordinate biological responses against various stimuli. The GPCRs play a role in regulating metabolism, pathogenesis and mycotoxin production in fungi. In fungi, the GPCRs detect and receive different environmental signals, including hormones, pheromones, proteins, nutrients, ions, hydrophobic surfaces, and light. Based on homology and structural similarity, the fungal GPCR is classified into ten groups. The six main or classic GPCR categories are: pheromone receptors (classes I and II), carbon (III), nitrogen (IV), receptors similar to cAMP (V) and microbial protein receptors (IX). There are significant differences in the frequency and diversity of these receptors in various fungi and potential ligands. The fungal GPCR and cAMP-PKA pathway regulate the secretion of hydrolytic enzymes in fungi, which are important in pathogenesis. The presence of these protein receptors in mushrooms is needed to complete successfully the sexual cycle, which increases genetic diversity and resistance of the fungus to the antifungal compounds. Our knowledge on the role of GPCRs in fungi biology and pathogenesis can be helpful for planning novel and effective management strategies to control fungal diseases, drug resistance, mycotoxin contamination, which leads to promotion of human, animal, plant and ecosystem health.


Fungi; GPCR; Signal transduction; Physiology; Pathogenicity
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