New Journal of Physics, Volume (21), No (6), Year (2019-6) , Pages (63010-18)

Title : ( Elliptical generalized Maxwell fish-eye lens using conformal mapping )

Authors: Hossein Eskandari , Mohammad Saeed Majedi , Amir Reza Attari , Oscar Quevedo-Teruel ,

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A circular graded index lens is conformally transformed to an elliptical shape using a closed-form transformation. The proposed transformation is then employed to compress a Maxwell fish-eye and its generalized version. Since the transformation is conformal, the electromagnetic properties of the device are perfectly preserved after the transformation with fully isotropic and dielectric-only materials. Ray-tracing and full-wave simulations are carried out for several cases to verify the functionality of the optically transformed lenses in geometrical optics and wave optics regimes.


, transformation optics, conformal transformation, Maxwell fish-eye
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