Lethaia, Volume (53), No (2), Year (2019-8) , Pages (154-165)

Title : ( The morphospace of Late Permian coiled nautiloids )

Authors: Dieter Korn , Abbas Ghaderi , nahideh ghanizadeh tabrizi , Jana Gliwa ,

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Occurrences of Late Permian coiled nautiloids are widespread but they have never been analysed in terms of spatial and temporal disparity changes. Morphometric analyses using the cardinal Raupian conch parameters: conch width index, umbilical width index and whorl expansion rate with subsequent analysis by using principal components analysis and non‐metric multidimensional scaling, allow the construction of a nautiloid morphospace. The analyses show that there is a stable disparity in the coiled nautiloids from the Wuchiapingian to the Changhsingian. Differences between the three major Late Permian nautiloid occurrences (Salt Range, South China and Transcaucasus‐NW Iran) are considerably small; the South Chinese occurrences, however, are characterized by many endemic genera. The most important variation in morphospace occupation is caused by environmental differences such as water depth.


, Changhsingian, disparity, morphospace, Nautilida, palaeogeography, Wuchiapingian
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