Physical Chemistry Research, Volume (7), No (4), Year (2019-12) , Pages (765-774)

Title : ( Chemical Capture of CO2 by Glycine Salt Solution )

Authors: shabnam Naderi Bovanlo , Hossein Ahmadzadeh , Elaheh Kafshdare Goharshadi ,

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The role of carbon dioxide in global warming is one of the contemporary environmental issues, making necessary access to the technologies capturing the released CO2 into the atmosphere. Amino acids have the same amine functionalities as alkanolamines with similar behavior towards CO2 absorption. The solubility of carbon dioxide in potassium glycinate (KG) solutions with different concentrations at various temperatures was measured. On the basis of the results, the mole of CO2 adsorbed, nCO absorbed 2, , increases by temperature and the concentration of KG. The nCO absorbed 2, versus the KG concentration at different temperatures was fitted with a sigmoidal function, so that the moles of CO2 adsorbed can be reproduced in the temperature range of 300.15-327.15 K and the concentrations of 0.01-1.00 M of KG within the experimental errors.


, CO2 removal, Solubility parameter, Potassium Glycinate
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