Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education and Research, Volume (9), No (2), Year (2019-4) , Pages (126-131)

Title : ( The indices of political piety in Nahjolbalaghe )

Authors: , Sayed Mohammad Mortazavi , Mohammad Saeid AbdeKhodaei ,

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ABSTRACTAccording to Imam Ali (pbuh), each society is based on the rulers observing political piety and on the other hand, it is based on the people observing piety in their life. Both in the Holy Quran, Islamic teaching, Imam Ali words in Nahjolbalaghe, it is said that piety is aboding forbidden things and acting based on good deeds. According to Imam Ali, without piety, no Islamic ruler can lead the society to salvation. Piety is repeated many times in Nahjolbalaghe and according to Imam Ali, piety should be observed by the commanders. Themost important aspect of piety according to Imam Ali is political piety. With political piety, a government is called religious or Islamic. This study attempts to express the concept of piety in the Holy Quran, also political piety and its significance inthe words of Imam Ali are evaluated


, Piety, ethics, political piety, Nahjolbalaghe
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