Invitation for a presentation , 2019-08-18

Title : ( Algae Biotechnology )

Authors: Hossein Ahmadzadeh ,

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Certain strains of microalgae such as those of the genera Arthrospira (Spirulina) and Chlorella have protein and lipid contents with a high digestibility coefficient. This presentation discusses the use of easily digestible microalgae biomass for specific markets, including animal feed or human consumption as well as that of biofuel. In this regard, details are given on the genus. Protein content and processing of the microalgae biomass are considered in order to evaluate their potential, serving simultaneously as a source of biofuels and food supplements. Finally, current trends in marketing, cost-efficiency, regulations related to microalgae-derived food or feed products, as well as the linkage of algae biotechnology to wastewater treatment and air pollution bioremediation will be discussed.


Algae Biotechnology; biofuels; microalgae biomass
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