The European Physical Journal C, Volume (80), No (2), Year (2020-2)

Title : ( Jeans analysis in energy–momentum-squared gravity )

Authors: Ali Kazemi , Mahmood Roshan , Ivan de Martino , Mariafelicia De Laurentis ,

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In this paper, we study the Jeans analysis in the context of energy–momentum-squared gravity (EMSG). More specifically we find the new Jeans mass for non-rotating infinite mediums as the smallest mass scale for local perturba- tions that can be stable against its own gravity. Furthermore, for rotating mediums, specifically for rotating thin disks in the context of EMSG, we find a new Toomre-like criterion for the local gravitational stability. Finally, the results are applied to a hyper-massive neutron star, as an astrophysical system. Using a simplified toy model we have shown that, for a positive (negative) value of the EMSG parameter α, the system is stable (unstable) in a wide range of α. On the other hand, no observational evidence has been reported on the existence of local fragmentation in HMNS. Naturally, this means that EMSG with positive α is more acceptable from the physical point of view.


, Energy momentum squared gravity, Jeans analysis
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