Applied Intelligence, ( ISI ), Volume (50), No (10), Year (2020-4) , Pages (2991-3006)

Title : ( Multi objective programming problem in the hesitant fuzzy environment )

Authors: Fateme Fayyaz Rouhbakhsh , mahdi ranjbar taghi abad , Sohrab Effati , H. Hassanpour ,

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In this paper, we introduce a hesitant fuzzy multi-objective programming problem, in which the evaluation information provided by the decision makers is expressed in a hesitant fuzzy environment. For this purpose a new solution concept, namely hesitant fuzzy Pareto optimal solution to the problem is introduced, and two methods are proposed to obtain it. Then it is shown that the optimal solutions of these methods are the hesitant fuzzy Pareto optimal solutions. Finally, these methods are implemented on some illustrative examples and comparative analysis of our methodology is taken with other extensions of fuzzy sets.


, Multi-objective programming, Hesitant fuzzy sets, Hesitant fuzzy Pareto optimal solution
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