Report of Health Care, Volume (6), No (1), Year (2020-6) , Pages (1-13)

Title : ( Hight intensity interval training and appetite regulatory pathways: A narrative review )

Authors: Tohid Mabhout moghadam , Mohammad Mosaferi Ziaaldini , Mehrdad Fathei , Seyyed Reza Attarzadeh Hosseini ,

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Nowadays, obesity is one of the health problems in the world the incidence of which is spreading. In recent years, with the spread of obesity and metabolic complications caused by obesity, much scientific attention has been paid to the study of adipose tissue. Today, adipose tissue is not considered a static tissue that stores only energy, but is considered a metabolically active tissue. Like the glandular system, metabolic tissues secrete various secretory factors that have auto, para and endocrine functions depending on the extracellular environment. Environmental factors such as diet, physical activity, and metabolic status are the main causes of overweight and obesity; in turn overweight and obesity are also affected by genetic traits. As a general rule, excess body fat is the result of a long-term imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure. Proper selection of physical exercises is an important factor in changing the lifestyle of obese children and adolescents and is an effective indicator in the control and treatment of obesity. Physical activity creates a negative energy balance, which is due to increased energy consumption. Recent research suggests that high intensity interval training (HIIT) creates a temporary state of anorexia that delays hunger for a short time after exercise, but this effect is short-term. On the other hand, High intensity interval training plays a role in changing energy consumption through changes in hunger and appetite signals, as well as regulatory peptides at the levels of short to long-term signals in obese individuals. This review article discusses the effectiveness of high intensity interval training in obese people.


, HIIT, Leptin, PYY Peptide, AgRP, Ghrelin
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