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Title : ( بررسی تأثیر فلوفنامیک اسید به‌عنوان مهارکننده کانکسین بر روی ترمیم زخم‌های دیابتی )

Authors: A. Fotovvat , S.J. Ahmadipanah , E. Shahroozian , Farzad Hayati , S. Ghaffari ,

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BACKGROUND: Flufenamic acid is a member of the fenamates and is used as an analgesic and NSAID drug. According to the ability of this drug on blocking connexin and preventing leakage of substances such as ATP from cells, it seems to be beneficial in healing diabetic wounds. OBJECTIVES: Evaluation of the effects of topical flufenamic acid as a connexin-channel blocker on skin wound healing in alloxan-induced diabetic rats. METHODS: In this study diabetics was induced in 40 male rats by IP injection of 150mg/kg of alloxan and they were divided to 4 groups. After anesthesia, 2×2 cm incision was made on the back of the rats and the skin was separated completely. Three groups were treated by 2, 5 and 10 percent concentration of flufenamic acid ointment separately, and one group was treated by Vaseline and ucerine ointment as control. Bandage and ointment were changed daily and the procedure was carried out for 21 days. The wound surface was measured on odd days. Half of the rats of each group on day five and half of them on day 21 were euthanized to get pathologic slides. RESULTS: Process of healing, fibroblast concentration, epithelialization, angiogenesis, collagen formation and wound closure in 2 percent group were better than other groups and in control, 5 and 10 percent groups had a decreasing trend respectively and had a significant difference. In the last two groups, the healing process was disrupted. CONCLUSIONS: The 2 percent concentration of drug not only did not show potent anti-inflammatory effects, but also improved the process of healing by blocking the connexin 43 and inhibition of ATP release, while in the concentration of 5 and 10 percent, anti-inflammatory effects of the drug predominated and delayed the healing process.


Connexin Flufenamic acid Wound healing diabetes rat
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