Multicultural Education, Volume (7), No (1), Year (2021-1) , Pages (177-190)

Title : ( The Role of Skype in Developing Listening and Speaking Skills of EFL Learners )

Authors: Ali Hasan Dirjal Al - Madhkoori , Zargham Ghabanchi , Behzad Ghonsooly ,

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This study examines the potential role of advanced technology applications in the academic sense of improving and enhancing both the listening and speaking skills of EFL learners. Seventy-majoring English sophomores at Al-Mustansiriya University in Iraq were divided randomly into two cohorts, experimental and control classes. A pretest and post-test were applied to the participants of the two groups which were based on a curriculum designed for them to be addressed during their academic year. An eight-statement designed questionnaire on listening skill and six-statement designed questionnaire on speaking skill were distributed among the respondents of the two groups to investigate the appropriate methods of enhancing and improving the listening andspeaking skills of EFL learners. The statistical data of the two previously described variables were obtained using the Likert Scale, SPSS and LISERAL programs. The final results of the study showed that after receiving their teaching instructions via Skype device, the experimental respondents were remarkably motivated in the listening and speaking skills. As a result, a significant difference was recorded in the listening and speaking performance of the experimental group respondents at the end of the experiment. Based on these findings, educators are strongly required to take into their account the use of technology applications in the teaching and learning language process and in enhancing the responsive and efficient abilities of the language


, Listening Skill, Social Media, Skype, Speaking Skill
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