Frontiers in Psychiatry, Volume (11), Year (2020-11)

Title : ( Psychosocial Consequences of Female Infertility in Iran: A Meta-Analysis )

Authors: Haniye Zarif , Hamidreza Aghamohammadian Sharbaf , Hossein Kareshki , Malihe Amirian ,

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Background: Although not a life-threatening condition, infertility does influence various aspects of life. Based on a meta-analysis of the relevant literature, the aim of this study is to identify the psychosocial consequences of infertility in Iranian women. Methods: Comprehensive Portal of Human Sciences, Magiran, Scientific Information Database, Noormags, MEDLIB, ScienceDirect, Google Scholar, Medline, and ProQuest were the databases searched from inception (1999) to 2018. To maximize the comprehensiveness of the search, the reference lists of all the relevant papers identified were manually examined. The evaluation of the content was based on PRISMA guidelines, and Comprehensive Meta-Analysis software was used for data analysis. Results: Based on the analysis of 124 quantitative papers, the psychosocial consequences of infertility in women in Iran can be classified into 14 categories: psychological well-being (effect size = 3.10), adaptation to infertility (effect size = 2.71), quality of life (effect size = 1.83), depression (effect size = 1.80), anxiety (effect size = 1.72), marital relationships (effect size = 1.37), personality disorders (effect size = 1.37), violence (effect size = 1.31), social support (effect size = 0.90), self-efficacy (effect size = 0.90), coping strategies (effect size = 0.84), irrational thoughts (effect size = 0.77), somatization disorders (effect size = 0.65), and sexual dysfunction (effectsize = 0.55). Conclusion: Considering the wide-ranging psychosocial consequences of infertility in women, it is necessary for treatment to account for psychological factors.


, infertility, psychosocial consequences, Iran, review, meta-analysis
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