International Journal of Business Information Systems, Volume (1), No (1), Year (2020-1) , Pages (1-19)

Title : ( Discovering the dimensions of E-learning with the role of social networks )

Authors: kamyar esmaeili , Azar Kaffashpoor ,

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Abstract: Learning can play an important role in increasing efficiency and success of organizations. The aim of this study, discovering and explaining the dimensions of e-learning with the role of social networks in the customs of Iran. The research population of this study consists of 20 experts, including experts and customs directors and faculty members (professors of Bojnourd Azad University and Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and Mashhad Azad University). Due to the characteristics of the statistical society, the sampling method was used for the experts. In this research, the researcher made a questionnaire of e-learning. Result shows that Attraction and multi-user use and its high use for cybercafé. Learning by mobile is one of the fastest growing technologies of cyberspace technology across the globe. In itself, the mismatch in technology growth rates and the use of technology in learning is a topic that researchers are keen on. Nevertheless, research in this field has focused on identifying successful factors from the perspective of learners and also has a great influence on promoting the use of this method among learners. More training courses for personnel should be conducted to use learning tools by cyberspace and the necessary rules and regulations for learning tools through cyberspace are required to be prepared.


, Elements Affecting Learning by Cyberspace, Customs, Khorasan Razavi Province
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