Materials Science and Engineering C, ( ISI ), Volume (127), No (1), Year (2021-8) , Pages (112238-112248)

Title : ( Fenton-magnetic based therapy by dual-chemodrug-loaded magnetic hydroxyapatite against colon cancer )

Authors: laya khoshtabiat , Azadeh Meshkini , Maryam Moghaddam Matin ,

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Fenton-based therapy is emerging as an effective and selective strategy against cancer. However, a low concentration of transition metal ions, insufficient endogenous H2O2, and a high level of antioxidant activity within the cancer cells have hindered the therapeutic efficacy of this strategy. To address these issues, in this study, the Fenton reagent (magnetic hydroxyapatite, mHAP) was accompanied with chemotherapy drugs (cisplatin (CDDP) and methotrexate (MTX)) and static magnetic field (SMF), in such a way to be a pH-, redox-, and magnetic-responsive nanoplatform. In vitro and in vivo experiments revealed higher toxicity of the final construct, MTX.CDDP@mHAP, toward colon cancer cells, as compared with that of free drugs. The most effective antitumor activity was observed as MTX.CDDP@mHAP-treated tumor cells were exposed to SMF (0.9 T) and no noticeable damage was observed in the normal cells and tissues. Active targeting by MTX and magnetic targeting by mHAP under magnetic field increased the tumor selectivity and enhanced the tumor site accumulation and cellular uptake of MTX.CDDP@mHAPs. The released iron ions within the cancer cells trigger the Fenton reaction while the release of chemotherapy drugs, reduction of intracellular glutathione, and application of SMF aggravated the Fenton reaction, subsequently leading to the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and induction of apoptosis. Therefore, Fenton magnetic-based therapy-mediated by MTX.CDDP@mHAP could be considered as a promising strategy against colon cancer with high therapeutic efficiency and biosafety.


, Magnetic nanocomposite, Fenton reaction, Drug delivery system, Cisplatin, Methotrexate, CT26 cells.
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