Scientific Reports, Volume (11), No (1), Year (2021-7)

Title : ( Unpalatable plants induce a species-specific associational effect on neighboring communities )

Authors: Mohammad bagher Erfanian , Farshid Memariani , Zohreh Atashgahi , Mansour Mesdaghi , Maliheh Saeedi , Mojtaba Darrudi , Maliheh Hamedian , Saeedeh Sadat Hoseini , Hamid Ejtehadi ,

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In grazing conditions, unpalatable species may induce either associational defense or neighbor contrast susceptibility in neighboring communities. Using surveys from eight grasslands, we tested whether various unpalatable species have the same impacts on neighboring communities in response to grazing. The studied unpalatable species were: Phlomis cancellata (an unpalatable nonpoisonous plant), Euphorbia boissieriana, E. microsciadia (poisonous plants), and Seseli transcaucasicum (a highly poisonous plant). Our results showed that, in the ungrazed grasslands, communities containing P. cancellata had lower biodiversity than communities without it. In the moderately- and heavily grazed grasslands, P. cancellata induced associational defense in the neighboring communities. In heavily grazed grasslands, both Euphorbia species promoted neighbor contrast susceptibility in the neighboring communities. Similarly, S. transcaucasicum in a heavily grazed grassland, induced neighbor contrast susceptibility. Different responses of plant community vulnerability among the studied unpalatable plants might be due to herbivore different foraging decisions. Accordingly, grazers selectively choose from other patches when facing P. cancellata and other plant individuals when there is a poisonous plant in a patch. Our results suggested that grazing intensity may not substantially affect the foraging decisions of sheep and goats in response to unpalatable species. We recommend monitoring the abundance of poisonous species to maintain the sustainable use of grasslands.


, grazing, plant diversity, phylogenetic diversity, grassland, poisonous plants, Khorassan-Kopet Dagh
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