Steel and Composite Structures, Volume (39), No (5), Year (2021-6) , Pages (599-614)

Title : ( Critical buckling moment of functionally graded tapered mono-symmetric I-beam )

Authors: Mohaamad Rezaiee Pajand , Amirreza Masoodi , Ali Alepeighambar moghadam ,

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This study deals with the Lateral-Torsional Buckling (LTB) of a mono-symmetric tapered I-beam, in which the cross-section is varying longitudinally. To obtain the buckling moment, two concentrated bending moments should be applied at the two ends of the structure. This structure is made of Functionally Graded Material (FGM). The Young\\\'s and shear modules change linearly along the longitudinal direction of the beam. It is considered that this tapered beam is laterally restrained continuously, by using torsional springs. Furthermore, two rotational bending springs are employed at the two structural ends. To achieve the buckling moment, Ritz solution method is utilized. The response of critical buckling moment of the beam is obtained by minimizing the total potential energy relation. The lateral and torsional displacement fields of the beam are interpolated by harmonic functions. These functions satisfy the boundary conditions. Two different support conditions are considered in this study. The obtained formulation is validated by solving benchmark problems. Moreover, some numerical studies are implemented to show the accuracy, efficiency and high performance of the proposed formulation.


, Lateral, torsional buckling; tapered member; mono, symmetric I, beam; FGM; Ritz solution
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