Software Quality Journal, Volume (30), No (3), Year (2021-11) , Pages (651-686)

Title : ( A new method for detecting various variants of GoF design patterns using conceptual signatures )

Authors: zeynab shahbazi , Abbas Rasoolzadegan , Zahra Purfallah Mazremolla , somayeh jafari horestani ,

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Software design patterns are well-known solutions for solving commonly occurring problems in software design. Detecting design patterns used in the code can help to understand the structure and behavior of the software, evaluate the quality of the software, and trace important design decisions. To develop and maintain a software system, we need sufficient knowledge of design decisions and software implementation processes. However, the acquisition of knowledge related to design patterns used in complex software systems is a challenging, time-consuming, and costly task. Therefore, using a suitable method to detect the design patterns used in the code reduces software development and maintenance costs. In this paper, we proposed a new method based on conceptual signatures to improve the accuracy of design pattern detection. So we used the conceptual signatures based on the purpose of patterns to detect the patterns’ instances that conform to the standard structure of patterns, and cover more instances of patterns’ variants and implementation versions of the patterns and improve the accuracy of pattern detection. The proposed method is a specific process in two main phases. In the first phase, the conceptual signature and detection formula for each pattern is determined manually. Then in the second phase, each pattern in the code is detected in a semi-automatic process using the conceptual signature and pattern detection formula. To implement the proposed method, we focused on GoF design patterns and their variants. We evaluated the accuracy of our proposed method on five open-source projects, namely Junit v3.7, JHotDraw v5.1, QuickUML 2001, JRefactory v2.6.24, and MapperXML v1.9.7. Also, we performed our experiments on a set of source codes containing the instances of GoF design patterns’ variants for a comprehensive and fair evaluation. The evaluation results indicate that the proposed method has improved the accuracy of design pattern detection in the code.


, Reverse Engineering, Design Pattern, Pattern Detection, Conceptual Signatur
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