Babel - International Journal of Translation, Volume (67), No (6), Year (2021-11) , Pages (14-9)

Title : ( Review of Liu (2020): Corpus-Assisted Translation Teaching: Issues and Challenges )

Authors: Mehrdad Vasheghani Farahani , Masood Khoshsaligheh ,

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Corpus Linguistics, as the study of large ensembles of texts stored electronically in a systematic way, has revolutionized research in language studies with its myriad of advantages (Dash, 2007). Translation Studies is among the many fields which have benefited substantially from corpora. Since Mona Baker’s pioneering work on Corpus-based Translation Studies (1995), a plethora of such research have been conducted and published. Notwithstanding this proliferation of scientific work within Corpus-based Translation Studies, the application of corpora in translation pedagogy has been, to a great extent, neglected resulting in a currently visible gap. Kanglong Liu’s (2020) work published by Springer Publishing House is an innovative and valuable source in the interdisciplinary domain where corpus linguistics and translation teaching meet.


, Corpus-Assisted Translation, Teaching, Issues and Challenges, Book Review
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