The European Physical Journal C, ( ISI ), Volume (81), No (12), Year (2021-12)

Title : ( Exotic final states in the $$\varphi ^8$$ multi-kink collisions )

Authors: Vakhid Ghani , A. A. Moradi Marjaneh , Kurosh Javidan ,

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We study final states in the scattering of kinks and antikinks of the Phi^8 field-theoretic model. We use the initial conditions in the form of two, three or four static or moving kinks. In the numerical experiments we observe a number of different processes such as emergence of static and moving oscillons, change of the kink’s topological sector, scattering of an oscillon by a kink, production of kink–antikink pairs in oscillon–oscillon collisions. In antikink–kink collisions for asymmetric kinks, we found resonance phenomena – escape windows.


, Phi^8, multi-Kink collision, Bion, Oscillon, sector change
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