Journal of System Management, Volume (7), No (4), Year (2021-12) , Pages (49-67)

Title : ( Barriers to the Implementation and Use of Internet Banking in the Keshavarzi Bank )

Authors: Morteza gholamian , Hosein Hakimpour , Azar Kaffashpoor , Mahdi Mahmoodzadeh ,

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The aim of this study was to identify barriers to the implementation and use of Internet banking in Keshavarzi Bank. Due to the fact that qualitative data was first collected through study and interviews with experts, at different stages, different tools were used to collect the required data. In the first stage, data was collected through interviews with experts and systematic review. In the second stage, a questionnaire related to the content analysis method was evaluated. The statistical population of the study was 20 experts with master\\\\\\\'s and doctoral degrees and high work experience in banking management who were selected based on purposive sampling. The results show that, after reviewing the background and interviewing with 20 experts, 20 open source codes were identified by using theme analysis. The results of qualitative content analysis showed that 20 open source codes were important enough. Convergent validity was performed and the fit of the model was confirmed. However, it was found that the most important priorities were the inequality of the Internet banking system in the country\\\\\\\'s banking network, unpreparedness of the national information network, technological infrastructure problems used in websites, negative customer experience and their low trust, and fake and misleading sites. Banks should regularly update and retain their customers\\\\\\\' communication gateway systems such as mailbox and digital and online space, to make customers more willing to receive Internet banking services in the future.


, Implementation Barriers, Users Usage, Internet Banking, Keshavarzi Bank
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