Journal of Supercomputing, ( ISI ), Volume (78), No (7), Year (2022-5) , Pages (9079-9101)

Title : ( Characterizing energy and performance of soft-core-based homogeneous multiprocessor systems )

Authors: farshid samsami , Hamid Noori ,

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Multiprocessor systems offer numerous configurations in terms of a different num- ber of cores and frequency levels that may become optimal with respect to energy, performance, or other metrics. On FPGAs, a convenient solution for designing and building a multiprocessor system is the use of soft-core processors. The soft-core processor configuration and frequency are customizable and configurable at design time and according to the FPGA capacity, the number of cores and its configuration can be changed. In this research, different workloads have been studied and results shown that the amount of speedup would be different for each workload due to their behavior in an MPSoC fashion and it was revealed that in a multiprocessor system based on soft-core on an FPGA platform, increasing the number of processors and their operating frequency will not always improve the system energy-delay product (EDP). Hence, identifying an optimal configuration with respect to a given metric such as EDP is a complex process due to a large number of workloads and configu- rations. To achieve this, we use the power consumption and execution time infor- mation to identify the optimal configuration for different workloads with respect to EDP. We also perform an extensive workload characterization using performance counters available on the target platform. Using these performance counters, a vast amount of characterization data for each workload was collected. Then, we used this characterization data to choose the optimal configuration for each workload. This paper proposes a characterization method for parallel workloads that can be used to determine the optimal core and frequency configuration of an FPGA-based homoge- nous soft-core multiprocessor system with respect to EDP as a function of the work- load


, FPGA platform · Multiprocessor · Systems, on, chip · Soft, core · Performance · EDP · Power · Performance counters
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