Journal of Ornamental plants, Volume (11), No (2), Year (2021-12) , Pages (109-121)

Title : ( Evaluation of 13 Calendula (Calendula officinalis) Cultivars Response to Drought Stress )

Authors: Maryam Zarghami Moghadam , Mahmoud Shoor , Seyyed Hossein Nemati , Ahmad Nezami ,

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Private gardens and public landscapes in urban areas have always been formed by bedding plants; therefore, managing the negative impacts of drought on landscape is deemed vital. Urban areas in arid expanses of land are dealing with the abovementioned issue through landscaping systems that consume low amounts of water; nevertheless, data concerning tolerance against regulated deficit irrigation and the subsequent reactions of many plants, particularly ornamental species such as herbaceous perennials and annuals, are next to nonexistent. An annual specie, Calendula officinalis L. (Asteraceae), is used for its medicinal properties all around the world, it also goes by the name calendula or marigold. This research was performed to find out and estimate the reaction caused by drought stress mainly at two different levels (100 and 50% FC) on 13 pots of marigold cultivars (Candy- man Orange, Fiesta Gitana, Citrus Cocktail, Neon, Candyman Yellow, Fruit Twist, Sherbet Fizz, Oopsy Daisy, Pot Marigold, Greenheart Orange, Calendula Porcupine, Pink Surprise and Touch of the Red) with four replicates carried out in greenhouse environments. The morphological and biochemical responses/changes in characteristics of the plants in ques- tion were measured and analyzed at the final stage of the observation. Water stress (50% FC) lessened most of the assessed characteristics and raised proline content (P<0.01). Traits attributed to flowers such as diameter and flower that were also studied decreased while the expected index maintained unchanged. Ultimately, Neon and Candyman, two quality designated cultivars, were shown to resist the conditions the most. On the whole, it was evident that the chief factor that had the impact on growth and the subsequent flowering of annual bedding plants was water supply; moreover, during drought, the quantity and quality of the species fell dramatically. Examining resistance response and the relevant character- istics attributed to the specie under investigation will contribute to the implementation of sustainable landscape systems which require less input


, Bedding plants, Future insights, Low input landscape, Ornamental annuals, Water scarcity.
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