Journal of Facilities Management, Volume (20), No (1), Year (2022-1) , Pages (1-18)

Title : ( The relationship between management attributes and accounting comparability )

Authors: Maryam Seifzadeh , Mahdi Salehi , Mohammadhamed Khanmohammadi , Bizhan Abedini ,

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Purpose – This study aims to concern about the relationship between management managerial attributes (management entrenchment, narcissism and overconfidence of the chief executive officer, board effort and real and accrual earnings management) and comparability of financial statements listed firms on the Tehran Stock Exchange. In other words, this paper aims to answer the question that “whether managerial attributes contribute significantly to the comparability of financial statements or not”. Design/methodology/approach – The multivariate regression model is used for hypothesis testing. The hypotheses were examined using a sample of 768 listed observations on the Tehran Stock Exchange during 2012–2017 and by using from the multivariate regression pattern based on panel data techniques and the random-effects model. Findings – The obtained results show a significant and negative relationship between management entrenchment, real and accrual earnings management, comparability and the relationship between management narcissism, overconfidence and board effort and comparability of financial statements is positive and significant. Originality/value – As the present study is the pioneer study on such topics in the emerging markets, it provides valuable information concerning the intrinsic and acquired features of the management for users, analysts and legal institutions with a considerable impact on the comparability of financial statements. Moreover, this study’s results contribute significantly to the development of science and knowledge in this field and fill the gap in the literature


, s Comparability, Management entrenchment, CEO overconfidence, Accrual earnings management, Board effort, Management attributes
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