Physica Scripta, Volume (97), No (5), Year (2022-5) , Pages (55604-55611)

Title : ( Localized ion-acoustic solitons in collision with dusty plasma )

Authors: H. R. Pakzad , Kurosh Javidan ,

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In this research, we investigate the characters of localized waves arriving from an electron-ion plasma into an electron-ion-dusty plasma region. For this purpose, we consider the presence of dust particles as a weak perturbation in the medium. It is shown that the ion-acoustic wave propagates with greater speed and higher energy when it interacts with dust particles. In addition, an oscillatory shock wave creates at the border of two different plasma environments that propagates in the opposite direction of the initial wave velocity. Time evolution of solitary wave and characters of created shock profile is also studied.


, ion, dust, soliton, shock, modified kdv equation, reductive perturbation
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