Restoration Ecology, Volume (31), No (7), Year (2022-7)

Title : ( Modeling wetland restoration scenarios in Gavkhooni International Wetland )

Authors: , Mahdi Kolahi , Judith Fisher ,

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One of the challenges for managers is to ensure the long-term sustainability of wetlands by protecting their ecological values against natural and human pressures. This study has evaluated the past vulnerability status of Gavkhooni international wetland, Isfahan, Iran, using a combination of GIS and MC-SDSS processes, to propose restoration scenarios. Three scenarios were developed from criteria established using field studies and expert opinion: (1) wetland restoration to preserve existing water bodies, (2) determination of susceptible regions as habitat replacement for aquatic communities, and (3) a combination of the two previous scenarios. Finally, a map was developed classifying the regions into five categories by area of priority. The northern regions of the wetland were prioritized based on the results of the first and the second scenarios. The third scenario provided the highest opportunity to obtain an optimistic state, i.e. normal conditions, for the wetland marginal regions, especially in the central region (between the east and west). In a pessimistic state and optimistic state of the third scenario, almost all parts of the center to the south of the wetland show the lowest priority restoration scenarios. According to the different scenarios, the central regions of the wetland are less affected by agricultural activities and human settlements. In general, the results show that the Gavkhooni wetland is unstable based on functional, environmental, social and economic conditions. According to the criteria and the MC-SDSS model, the government can adopt and implement the necessary policies and programs to improve the condition of the wetland.


, Drought, Ecological impact, Landscape metrics, MC-SDSS, Vulnerability, Water management
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