Scientific Reports, Volume (12), No (1), Year (2022-8)

Title : ( Behavior of volcanic ash–soil mixtures under one-dimensional compression testing )

Authors: Mohammad Amin Sayyah , Saeed Abrishami , Pooya Dastpak , Daniel Dias ,

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Volcanic ashes (VA) are one of the by-products of explosive volcanic eruptions. They can be used as a soil stabilizer due to their cementitious properties as an eco-friendly soil stabilization approach. In this study, the impact of VA as an additive material (up to 20%) was investigated on the behavior of a clayey soil under one-dimensional compression tests and uniaxial compression tests. To this aim, the VA percentage effect, curing conditions, i.e. the optimum moisture content (OMC) and saturated sample, and curing time, on the oedometer modulus, and the uniaxial compression strength (UCS) are investigated. Results show that the addition of VA increases the UCS continuously in saturated conditions. However, this improvement is considerable for 5% additional VA at the OMC state and it induces 325% improvement in UCS. The maximum improvement of UCS occurs at 20% addition of VA in saturated condition. It was also revealed that VA-soil mixtures are more sustainable at low stress levels and the oedometer modulus increases with the VA addition. A long-term curing time leads to an increase of the fabricated bonds due to the pozzolanic reaction. Additional VA has no significant effect on the consolidation parameters specifically for short-term curing time.


, volcanic ash, soil stabilization, one-dimensional compression test, oedometer modulus
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