Scientific Reports, Volume (12), No (1), Year (2022-10)

Title : ( Ecological-environmental challenges and restoration of aquatic ecosystems of the Middle-Eastern )

Authors: , Mahdi Kolahi , Judith Fisher ,

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Water resource management has numerous environmental challenges, especially in aquatic ecosystems such as rivers due to the heterogeneous distribution of surface water resources, among other diverse impacting factors. In Iran (one of the countries of the Middle-East), population growth, development of urban communities and development of agricultural and industrial activities provide additional impacts on the functioning of aquatic ecosystems. The United Nations declared the third decade of this century (2021–2030) as the decade of ecosystem restoration. In this study, we have selected the Zayandehroud River as a case study and then evaluated the pathology of existing statuses. Strategies and approaches were studied and analyzed including the need to utilize integrated water resources management (IWRM), approaches for dealing with drought conditions, payment of water rights and dam alternatives, and the need for ecological landscape studies. Then, strategies and approaches appropriate from the perspective of restoration were identified, including the techniques used, and the experiences of different countries. The analysis showed that similar regions of Iran in the Middle-East need to change the paradigm of \\\"nature control\\\" to the paradigm of \\\"nature management\\\" and reduce reliance on structural and technological solutions in water resources management.


, nature control, nature management, ecosystem restoration, integrated water resources management
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