European Journal of Computational Mechanics, Year (2019-12)

Title : ( Stress Analysis by Two Cuboid Isoparametric Elements )

Authors: Mohaamad Rezaiee Pajand , arash karimipour ,

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The finite element method is a powerful tool for solving most of the structural problems. This technique has been used extensively, since the complexity of the elastic field equations does not allow the specialist to find analytical solutions, especially for the three-dimensional structures. It is well-known that the finite element formulation yields the approximate stress responses. To remedy this defect, the Airy stress function is utilized in this study. The stress function formulation leads to a valid solution since it satisfies equilibrium and compatibility equations simultaneously. Two cuboid isoparametric elements are formulated for solving three-dimensional elastic structures. To demonstrate the performance of the proposed technique, various benchmark problems are analyzed. The errors between the exact, displacement-based finite element and recommended scheme solution are also calculated. All the obtained outcomes show the good merit of the presented new elements.


, Finite element method, precise stress, analytical formulation, cuboid element, accurate displacement
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