Structures, Volume (47), Year (2023-1) , Pages (1033-1049)

Title : ( Numerical study of a novel SMA-based self-centering beam-to-column connection )

Authors: negar mokhtarnejad , Vandad Garmeh , Hashem Shariatmadar , Seyed Saeed Askariani ,

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As an alternative option for conventional rigid beam-to-column welded connections, self-centering steel beam-to-column connections were developed to reduce or eliminate the residual deformation of the structure and mitigate or avoid structural damages. This paper presents a finite element analysis of a novel self-centering beam-to-column connection with shape memory alloy (SMA) tendons as recentering and energy dissipation elements and comb-teeth dampers (CTDs) as supplementary energy dissipation devices. Firstly, the configuration and structural behavior of the proposed connection is depicted and explained; then, with the aid of previous experimental models, the validation of finite element modeling methods is examined. In the following, detailed numerical models are established and analyzed to assess the effects of key design parameters on the cyclic behavior of the proposed connection. Finally, an analytical model is formulated to predict the whole cyclic behavior of the proposed system. The results indicate a great recentering and energy dissipation capacity for the proposed connection. It is shown that incorporating CTDs in the proposed connection can significantly enhance the cyclic response of the connection with roughly no adverse impact on self-centering ability. It is also concluded that there must be an adequate initial prestress in SMA tendons to exploit the maximum recentering ability of the proposed connection. Furthermore, comparing the structural performance metrics of the proposed connection reveals that the connections with higher damper geometric shape coefficients own higher ultimate strength and better energy dissipation capacity with almost unchanged recentering capability. Conversely, the longer the damper teeth height is, the lower performance parameters in the connections could be observed. Results also show reasonable concordances between the analytical model predictions and finite element analysis results. The results of this study can serve as tools to facilitate the practical design of SMA-based self-centering connections.


, SMA-based connections, SMA tendons, Comb-teeth dampers, Cyclic behavior, Recentering capability
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