Primus, Volume (33), No (7), Year (2023-8) , Pages (780-795)

Title : ( Teaching and Learning of Vertex Coloring Using an Inquiry-Based Approach )

Authors: Farzad Radmehr , khaled Tohidi nasab , Mostafa Tavakoli ,

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Traditional lecturing is the dominant method of teaching mathematics in undergraduate mathematical courses in many countries, whereas active student-centered approaches such as inquiry-based learning have been shown in some instances to be more effective. Most teaching resources (inquiry-based tasks) available at the tertiary level are related to calculus, linear algebra, and differential equation courses. In this paper, we focus on using an inquiry-based approach to explore the teaching and learning of vertex coloring, a common topic in graph theory and undergraduate discrete mathematical courses. We designed seven inquiry-based tasks related to vertex coloring to teach vertex coloring in an undergraduate graph theory course to students majoring in mathematics. In sharing these tasks, describing students’ engagement with them, and discussing how these tasks were perceived by the students and lecturer, we hope to promote using inquiry-based tasks in undergraduate discrete mathematical courses.


, Vertex coloring, graph theory, inquiry-based learning, learning mathematics.
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