Quality Engineering, ( ISI ), Volume (35), No (3), Year (2023-5) , Pages (1-15)

Title : ( Robust yield test for a normal production process )

Authors: Hamideh Iranmanesh , Mehdi Jabbari Nooghabi , Abbas Parchami ,

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Testing the performance of a production process is a very serious and important topic in statistical quality control. This paper presents a robust yield test to investigate the performance of an industrial production process in the presence of outliers. For this purpose, a new robust estimator of Spk is introduced to test the production yield for any normal distribution in the presence of various numbers of outliers. Moreover, a Monte Carlo simulation method to estimate the decision{making components is proposed for testing the production yield based on the yield index Spk by normal data. Meanwhile, this paper discusses how well the proposed Monte Carlo method can be used for some non-normal data. Numerical computations of the simulation and real data analyses are provided to explain the proposed method.


, Yield analysis, Testing capability, Monte Carlo simulation, Outliers, Robustness.
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