Migration and Sport Conference , 2023-03-03

Title : ( Effective Factors of Migration in ESports Athletes )

Authors: Miaad Ghasemzadeh , Zahra Sadat Mirzazadeh , Mahdi Talebpour , Lidija Petrovic ,

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The differences between esports and traditional sports become more apparent in the way organizations and the government support their e-sports athletes to improve the conditions for the activity. In recent years, the emigration of athletes in high-performance sports is one of the major problems of sports in Iran. But recently, the phenomenon of the emigration of electronic sports athletes has also been raised. The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors affecting the migration of athletes in ESports Athletes. A research method is a qualitative approach. Mixed methods based on semi-structured interviews were used to collect data. The statistical population of this study included Athletes and coaches of the Iranian national team and athletes as well as e-sports coaches who have participated in overseas competitions at least once. Samples were selected through the snowball sampling method and the number of samples was continued until theoretical saturation (N=25). The results showed that all athletes surveyed believed that migration was the best decision for the future of their professional sport. We considered that 5 (five) important factors influencing decision factors include, as follows: financial problems, gender discrimination, shortage of esports facilities, Weak and limited internet, and the future of athletes. According to the results, it can be said that among the 5 important factors of migration, financial problems, and gender discrimination have the greatest impact. Women athletes or esports enthusiasts face widespread problems in Iran. In this study, we observed most athletes in Iran choose the path of migration for their professional sports and the flood of migration of athletes will increase day by day.


, Migration, ESports, Elite Athletes, Sports.
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