Veterinary Medicine and Science, Volume (9), No (5), Year (2023-7) , Pages (2294-2308)

Title : ( Current status of nano‐vaccinology in veterinary medicine science )

Authors: Soheil Sadr , Parian Poorjafari Jafrood , MohammadJavad Haratizadeh , zahra ghasemi , Hassan Borji , Ashkan Hajjafari ,

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Recently, nanovaccines have proved to be successful for various infectious and non- infectious diseases of animals. These novel technologies, such as virus-like particles, self-assembling proteins, polymeric nanoparticles, liposomes and virosomes, offer great potential for solving many of the vaccine production challenges. Their benefits include low immunotoxicity, antigen stability, enhanced immunogenicity, flexibility sus- tained release and the ability to evoke both humoral and cellular immune responses. Nanovaccines are more efficient than traditional vaccines due to ease of control and plasticity in their physio-chemical properties. They use a highly targeted immunologi- cal approach which can provide strong and long-lasting immunity. This article reviews the currently available nanovaccine technology and considers its utility for both infec- tious diseases and non-infectious diseases such as auto-immunity and cancer. Future research opportunities and application challenges from bench to clinical usage are also discussed.


, nanotechnology, nanovaccine, veterinary, zoonosis contro
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