Journal of Crop Protection, Volume (12), No (2), Year (2023-9) , Pages (107-119)

Title : ( Can different sowing dates affect weed control efficacy and chickpea yield )

Authors: Jafar Nabati , alireza hasanfard , Mehdi Rastgoo ,

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Two independent field experiments were carried out on two sowing dates. The experimental factors included three herbicides (trifluralin, pendimethalin, and linuron) using the method of incorporation by sowing, inter-row cultivation, and control (weed-free and weed-infested). The density of weeds 45 days after sowing, applying pendimethalin, linuron, and inter-row cultivation on the first sowing date (FSD), was 26.5, 31.8, and 45.9% less than the second sowing date (SSD), respectively. On the contrary, at the flowering stage, weeds on the SSD were 59% less than the FSD, and the average weed density in applying pendimethalin and linuron was 78.7% less than their density in the weed-infested. The height of the plant and the height of the first pod from the soil surface on the FSD were 13% and 11% higher, respectively, compared to the SSD. The average number of branches per plant with experimental treatments was 37% more than the weed-infested ones. The maximum biological yield of chickpeas in the FSD and SSD was obtained by inter-row cultivation (760 g m-2) and pendimethalin (749 g m-2), respectively. On the FSD, the seed yield in applying pendimethalin was 82.5%, and its average in linuron and inter-row cultivation was 86.4% more than the weed-infested control. Also, on the SSD, the average seed yield in the three mentioned treatments was 73.6% more than the weed-infested control. However, linuron and inter-row cultivation were identified as the most appropriate treatments for weed control in the early stages of both sowing dates.


, Incorporation, inter-row cultivation, linuron, pendimethalin, sowing date
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