Chemical Engineering & Technology, ( ISI ), Volume (47), No (2), Year (2024-2) , Pages (297-307)

Title : ( Fischer‐Tropsch Synthesis by a Cobalt‐Based Carbon Aerogel Catalyst )

Authors: farzad haghighi , Ali Ahmadpour , Ali Nakhaei Pour ,

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Carbon aerogel (CA) as a novel catalyst support in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS) was synthesized by polymerization of a resorcinol-formaldehyde (RF) precursor through an ambient pressure drying route. The cobalt-doped CA was synthesized by three main strategies: (a) impregnation of the metal precursor on the CA (Co-CA-I), (b) carbonization of cobalt-doped organic RF aerogel (Co-CA-II), and (c) addition of the cobalt precursor to the RF mixture (Co-CA-III). The pores and cobalt particle size increased in the order of Co-CA-I > Co-CA-II > Co-CA-III and cobalt particles wrapped between the graphite layers when cobalt was added to the RF mixture. The CA as the catalyst support presented high CO conversion and high stability under FTS conditions. The CH4 selectivity increased by reducing the size of the cobalt particles. Hydrogen spillover from the support to metallic particles was observed in the case of Co-CA-I and Co-CA-III catalysts. This phenomenon improved the reducibility and also resulted in higher hydrogenated products being produced.


, Carbon aerogel, Carbon support, Cobalt catalyst, Cobalt particle size, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.
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