Research in Veterinary Science, ( ISI ), Volume (168), Year (2024-3)

Title : ( Review of exosomes and their potential for veterinary medicine )

Authors: Mohammad Heidarpour , Mark Krockenberger , Peter Bennett ,

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Small extracellular vesicles called exosomes are released by almost all cell types and play a crucial role in both healthy and pathological circumstances. Exosomes, found in biological fluids (including plasma, urine, milk, semen, saliva, abdominal fluid and cervical vaginal fluid) and ranging in size from 50 to 150 nm, are critical for intercellular communication. Analysis of exosomal cargos, including micro RNAs (miRNAs), proteins and lipids, has been proposed as valuable diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers of disease. Exosomes can also be used as novel, cell-free, treatment strategies. In this review, we discuss the role, significance and application of exosomes and their cargos in diseases of animals.


, Exosomes, clinical potential, veterinary medicine
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