TQM Journal, Year (2024-4) , Pages (1-9)

Title : ( A model of increasing performance in sustainable supply chain management )

Authors: Masoud Bagherpasandi , Mahdi Salehi , Zohreh Hajiha , Rezvan Hejazi ,

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Purpose – Organizations experience various issues with the optimum use of data. This study is qualitative research to identify and provide a helpful pattern for increasing the performance of sustainable supply chain management (SSCM). Design/methodology/approach – The statistical population in the qualitative section includes managers and experts in the supply chain (SC) and food production. The data were collected via semi-structured interviews, and data saturation happens after the tenth interview. Then, the data were coded using grounded theory and qualitative research analysis. 384 questionnaires were distributed among employees via random sampling. SmartPLS software is used to investigate and analyze the relationships in the mentioned model through 13 core categories. Findings – The findings indicate that organizational productivity and SC deficiencies are among the effective factors in the SSCM primarily identified by this study. Moreover, the findings propose that industry SC, macro policies, organizational performance, social factors, economic factors, organizational factors, political factors, technological factors, production and customer are likely to positively impact the SSCM, which have previously been documented by studies. Originality/value – The model and concepts extracted from the responses of research participants show well that there are reasons and motivations for increasing the performance of SSCM. Also, the designed model shows well that the motives and reasons for turning to this system are satisfied due to its implementation.


, Supply chain management, Grounded theory, Structural equations, Sustainability, Sustainable supply chain management
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