Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, ( ISI ), Year (2024-3)

Title : ( Norm retrieval algorithms: A new frame theory approach )

Authors: , Ali Akbar Arefijamaal , Ramin Farshchian , Rajab Ali Kamyabi Gol ,

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In this paper, we introduce a new approach based on the excess components of a frame for recognizing norm retrieval frames (NRFs) in finite-dimensional Hilbert spaces. This method leads to a complete characterization of NRFs in R2 andR3 and then to 1-excessNRFs inRn. This approach is not onlymore effective in higher dimensions for detectingNRF than the previous approaches but is also applicable to constructing NRF from a given Riesz basis. In addition, we establish a relationship between the norm retrievability of a frame and its duals. We also show that, unlike the phase retrieval property, the set of all norm retrievable dual frames is generally not dense in the set of all dual frames. Then, we present numerical results to illustrate the potentiality of the NRF approach in signal recovery with respect to the classical framework in frame theory, and finally, we raise some perspectives and problems concerning NRF.


, excess, frames, full spark, norm retrieval, Riesz bases, signal recovery
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