Engineering Reports, Year (2024-3)

Title : ( Adjustable graphene disk‐based THz absorber for biomedical sensing: Theoretical description )

Authors: Masoud Soltani zanjani , Hassan Sadrnia ,

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As a basic building block, the THz wave absorber has intense imaging, sensing, and nondestructive testing applications. There are several methods for tuning THz absorbers, including electricity modulation, light modulation, mechanical tuning, using phase change materials, liquid crystal, flexible materials, MEMS technology, and thermally tuning vanadium dioxide. The choice of tuning method depends on the specific application and the desired performance characteristics of the THz absorber. In this work, we report a theoretical description of mechanically tunable THz absorber based on overlapping periodic arrays of graphene nano-disks. The basis of this work is based on the movement of a dielectric surface covered on both sides with graphene disks. This surface moves on a fixed plane while the distance between these two surfaces is free space. Also, the fixed surface consists of a relatively thick layer of gold at the bottom, dielectric on it, and graphene disk patterns on the dielectric. Now, by moving the movable surface in the horizontal direction, it is possible to adjust the amount of absorption in different frequencies of the terahertz (THz) band. Additionally, an equivalent RLC circuit model is developed and theoretical results match with simulated data. The proposed mechanically tunable THz absorber can be exploited in various emerging applications such as sensing due to its capability of covering all of the THz gap and beyond with multiple absorption peaks.


, circuit modeling, MEMMs comb driver, THz, wave absorber
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