Electronics Letters, ( ISI ), Volume (59), No (20), Year (2023-10)

Title : ( A low‐voltage and low‐power current‐mode winner‐take‐all (maximum) circuit )

Authors: Mehdi Saberi , hossein yaghoobzadeh shadmehri , Ehsan Rahiminejad , Mohammad Tavakkoli Ghouchani ,

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In this Letter, a new low-voltage and low-power current-mode winner-take-all (WTA) circuit is proposed. The proposed circuit is able to operate with a low supply voltage requirement while exhibiting a high accuracy. Moreover, the sensitivity of the circuit to the process variations and mismatches is improved. The proposed WTA circuit is designed and simulated in a 65-nm technology with a supply voltage of VDD = 0.9 V. The post-layout simulation results show that the power consumption of the proposed circuit is about 72 μW with the input dynamic range of 40 μA


, Winner-take-all circuit, WTA circuit, current-mode WTA
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