Desalination, ( ISI ), Volume (200), Year (2006-3) , Pages (518-519)

Title : Improving thin sugar beet juice quality through ultrafiltration ( Improving thin sugar beet juice quality through ultrafiltration )

Authors: , Seyed Mohammad Ali Razavi ,

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Interest in membrane filtration in the sugar industry is increasing. Sugar, as the final product of technology of sugar production, has to satisfy rigorous quality demands. Among others, it means low content of non-sucrose compounds, as well as the smallest possible share of colored matter. One of the classical operations of non-sucrose compounds separation is their sedimentation by calcium oxide and carbon dioxide, added to the sugar solution. Although the traditional method removes about 35% of non-sucrose compounds, it causes pollution of the environment [1]. Therefore, the possibility of applying other separation techniques, such as membrane separation, has been investigated very intensively [2,3,4]. The aim of this research was to study the ultrafiltration (UF) performance in improving the thin sugar beet juice characteristics and its ability for separation of colored matter and other non-sucrose compound under different operation conditions.


, thin sugar beet juice, quality, ultrafiltration
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