International Conference On Languages , 2009-05-27

Title : ( Cultural literacy in language learning: Enrichment or derichment )

Authors: Reza Pishghadam , ,

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The major aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between cultural literacy and foreign language acquisition in Iran. According to lots of postmodernists including Bakhtin, language and culture are intermingled and inseparable. Bakhtin with his optimism on the contact of two cultures holds that cultural contact leads to cultural enrichment and awareness. Compatible with this theory, English language textbooks are loaded with lots of cultural capsules and elements, highlighting English culture. But the questions which remain to be answered are: Is it really harmless to expose students to the English culture and does it really lead to enrichment of cultures? Based on studies which have been conducted in Iran, including the one by the authors, it seems that exposing students to English culture in Iran leads to cultural derichment, meaning that, students take distance from their own native culture and sometimes become alienated from their own culture. In the end, it is recommended that syllabus designers, materials developers and educators take age, gender, location, and attitude of the learners into consideration.


, Cultural literacy, Enrichment, derichment, language
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