Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, ( ISI ), Volume (8), No (4), Year (2009-5) , Pages (807-813)

Title : ( Effect of Ensiled Barley Distillers Grains for Holstein Dairy Cows )

Authors: mohsen kazemi , Abdol Mansour Tahmasbi , Reza Valizadeh , Mohsen Danesh Mesgaran , Abbas Ali Naserian ,

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An experiment was carried out to evaluate the substitution of Barley distillers Graim (BG) ensiled by different level molassed sugar Beet Pulp (BP) with of corn silage on milk production and health of dairy cows. A total 18 Holstein dary cows (86+10 days postpartum 600+20 kg BW), were randomly assigned to 3 treatments in a balanced completely randomized design (repeated measures). Three dets were formulated to evaluate the replacement of 30% corn silage by an emiledmixture of BG with and without BP. Treatments were an ensiledmixture of 60% BG with 40% BP (BGBP40%), an emiledmixture of 80% BG with 20% BP (BGBP20%) and BG ensiled without BP (BGBPO%). Experimental dets contained, 40% forage (60: 40, corn silage: Alfalfa hay) and 60% concentrate. Cows were fed a total mixed ration and milked 3 times daily. Diet concentrations of NDF, ADF andCP were 332,196 and 16.4% DM (for BGBP40%), 33.7,20 and 16.8% DM (forBGBP 20%) and33.8, 20.5 and 16.8% DM (BGBP 0%), respectively. The feed intakes, daily milk yield and milk composition were not significantly dfferent between treatments. There was no significant effect of treatments on m e n pH andNH3- N. Also, there was no significant effect on blood plasma metabolites. PaJtial substitution BG ensiled with or without BP for corn silage d d not have any negative effect on the performance of Holstein dairy cows


, Barley dstillers graim, molassed sugar beet pulp, dary cows, silage, BG,
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