Comparative Clinical Pathology, ( ISI ), Volume (18), No (4), Year (2009-10) , Pages (459-461)

Title : ( Primary pericardial mesothelioma in a sheep )

Authors: Ahmad Reza Movassaghi , MOHSEN MALEKI , Saeid Khanzadi ,

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This case describes a primary pericardial mesotheliomain in a 3-year-old sheep. The carcass was presented with unusual pericardial masses. Macroscopic examination revealed, yellowish white, soft to firm masses diffusely distributed over the pericardial surface. Histologically, the tumor was composed of a biphasic population of cells, which were labeled with cytokeratin and vimentin. The tumor was classified as biphasic mesothelioma of pericardial origin. This would appear to be the first report of a pericardial mesothelioma in a sheep.


Mesothelioma . Pericardium . Sheep
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