4th International Conference on Advances in Structural Engineering and Mechanics-ASEM’08 , 2008-05-28

Title : ( Performance Level of Masonry Structures )

Authors: Mansour Ghalehnovi , H. A. Rahdar ,

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Focusing on the importance of resistive structure designing against dynamic loads such as earthquake load and in capability of the designing methods which are based on the force to predict the nonlinear behavior of member affected by nonlinear virtue of materials. In recent years the tendency of engineers and designers to use methods of designing based on displacement and behavior (designing according to performance) has been increased. Because of being economic, and easy to accomplish and accessibility of the building material .nowadays we see a lot of masonry structures in villages and towns. In other hand Iran\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s location on the potential earthquake belt of alpine show the importance of studying about seismic behavior and vulnerability in this kind of structures. Various factors such as environmental, economical, social and cultural condition and available materials caused the importance of various kinds of masonry structures. In this research in order to review the seismic vulnerability and performance level various samples of these structures are studied. By applying a suitable model which is designed by computer software under pressure of dynamic load In addition the analytical result of implicated model will be compared with laboratory findings. Assuming satisfactory used model, standard rights of seismic retrofitting about the number of analyzed structures has been evaluated by this model.


, performance level, masonry structures, Seismic Vulnerability, accelerator suitable with geology
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