3rd Conference on Information and Knowledge Technology , 2007-11-26

Title : ( Grid Scheduling with buddy-based resource discovery )

Authors: Mahmoud Naghibzadeh , Saied Abrishami , Javad Hamidzadeh , Abdorreza Savadi ,

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Vast majority of computer users are generously willing to share their computer resources with needy organizations and individuals to solve their computational, data storage, and communicational problems. The recently emerging Grid technology is providing the required platform for the coordinated resource sharing and problem solving among individual computer users as well as dynamic multi-institutional virtual organizations. Resource discovery is a preliminary step towards distribution of work load to resources in order to reach the required quality of service, for example, to minimize the completion time of tasks. In this research we have introduced a buddy-based resource discovery technique. Two, or more devices, are buddies if one can be used in place of the other, whenever the former is unavailable or it is so busy that by waiting for it the required quality of service will not be achieved. The simulation results of the proposed technique showed that buddy-based resource discovery is a promising approach.


, resource discovery, load balancing , load sharing, Grid Scheduling, quality of service
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