International Journal of Thermal Sciences, ( ISI ), Volume (49), No (7), Year (2010-7) , Pages (1165-1174)

Title : ( Pressure-driven electrokinetic slip-flow in planar microchannels )

Authors: Jafar Jamaati , Hamid Niazmand , Metin Renksizbulut ,

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This paper presents an analytical solution for pressure-driven electrokinetic flows in planar microchannels with velocity slip at the walls. The Naviere Stokes equations for an incompressible viscous fluid have been solved along with the Poissone Boltzmann equation for the electric double layer. Analytical expressions for the velocity profile, average electrical conductivity, and induced voltage are presented without invoking the DebyeeHückel approximation. It is known that an increase in the zeta-potential leads to an increase in the flow-induced voltage; however, it is demonstrated that the induced voltage reaches a maximum value at a certain zeta-potential depending on the slip coefficient and the DebyeeHückel parameter, while decreasing rapidly at higher zeta-potentials. The present parametric study indicates that liquid slip at the walls can increase the maximum induced voltage very significantly.


, Electrokinetic flow PoissoneBoltzmann equation Slip, flow Microchannel
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